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Fontainebleau State Park
Fontainebleau State Park
Park Visitor: Comments, Memories and Reviews
December 10 Mr Frog Truly is a Prince by JuJu
My Sweet Boyfriend set up a daytime campsite for me. We had such a romantic peaceful lovely time and picnic lunch. The Park was so pretty and I am so lucky to have such a good man in my life. Thank you to all who take care of this special place and Thank you JJ for being U... )
June 22 Go when it is dry-No rain by Wet camper
We recently came back from camping at Fountainebleau State Park and although I loved going my husband said he would never go back. Ia??m sad to say he has several good reasons. Driving into the park I was very impressed with the gorgeous entrance and the beautiful trees that lined the drive, but there were spots where trees were actually in the road way and my husband had to swerve sharply to avoid hitting them. Our camping spot was 108, which we found to be underwater. It had rained heavily that morning, but cleared up and the sun was shining that evening when we arrived. I had called several hours earlier that day to ask about the conditions and was told that our camp site should be OK. At the gate we were told they only had two other sites open and gave us the numbers. We found these sites just as bad as the one we were assigned to. All weekend we were subjected to stepping in mud and water each time we had to go outside. We had planned to barbeque but the pit was on the opposite side of the trailer and of course underwater. Our son reserved a site (109) next to ours and his kids were not able to play there because of the tall grass which could not be cut because of water. We hopped in the truck and went to the beach which was beautiful and the grandkids enjoyed, but then it was back to our trailer where the kids were not able to play. At other state parks there are decks where the trailer door opens and a picnic table on the deck so one can enjoy the great outdoors without rain boots. It is a shame the drainage probable at Fountainebleau has not been addressed. There are very few places in Louisiana where one can enjoy a sandy beach. The enclosed photos were taken two days after beautiful sunny weather and as you can see, we were still in mud and water. We have lived in Louisiana all our lives and we love it here, so as concerned citizens we would like to make the following suggestions to make our state park one of the best: Desired improvements to be made at Fountainebleau State Park: Address drainage problem, number one issue Move barbeque pit to side where the picnic table is located The bath house was spotless but there was no soap holder in the shower. Having to place soap and shampoo on the floor while bathing creates a hazard for slipping. Remove trees in road way, this makes it very difficult for RVa??s to pass each other. Have more RV camp sites with sewer hook-ups Dump area does not allow for more than one RV, on Sunday evening when most people are leaving, the road is blocked with people waiting to dump sewer. Add another dump area with off street area for waiting. Fountain Blue has many features that we liked: The sandy beach, waterpark for little kids, beautiful entrance and trees, clean bath house, shaded play area near camp site, and many pull through RV sites. I would like to come back, but until some of the issues mentioned above are addressed, my husband would not be interested. Please let me know if and when, someone cares enough to make Louisiana one of the best. We are proud to be from Louisiana and would like our state parks to reflect that.
November 12 Park Police by Denise C.
I have always loved everything about this park. Thanks to my new friend JAMIE (Park Police)for the fire wood, fire and company. I was feeling warm that chilly night! Hope to see ya soon!
August 8 Great place for Scouts by Jen
We recently took a group of 21 Boy Scouts here for the weekend, and they had a wonderful time. Thank you for making this a special trip for the boys and the parents:)
February 24 Family Fun by G.J.KnightII
Great place for a family outing. Bring the bikes nice and easy bike trail and lots of pavement,also a camera plenty of deer to be seen up close. Nice restrooms and showers up to date.
September 26 Diversity of Activities by Erik Willie
Years ago I was scared away from this park because of how filthy and run down it was. However, last year I went back and discovered that there have been some MAJOR changes!! The park is a great place for a family to get away for a week or just a day. The beach offers hours of entertainment for those of all ages. There are endless places to hike or ride bikes. The black top bike trail is a plus as well. The travel trailer spots are well suited for even the largest of rvs. The only down side is there isnt much in the way of fishing compared to other parks. It is on the lake so consequentley there is no boat launch. But you can just drive down the road a couple of miles and launch in the river. I would reccomend this park to anyone.
September 11 Bacteria levels!!
We came to the park hoping to let our children swim at the beach. When we walked down to the beach/ lake front and there was an bacteria advisery that said it was not suitable for swimming. When I called to ask about swimming I wish they would have told us that the beach was not suitable for such. There were several families there letting there children swim in the high bacteria leval water! How could u not heed the warning!!? There is a reason that the department of health and hospitals put these warnings up!! Also the splash park was not operational. Atleast have clean water if the beach is under advisery! Other than that it was a great park, very clean.
March 25 Peaceful by Jerry Meeks
Lovely place, very well maintained
March 11 Beautiful... by Sarah
Spent Marti Gras here, loved our stay. The Cabins were nice and well kept. Saw a lot of wild life...
December 27 Favorite Family Vacation by Susie
Our family rented two cabins during the Christmas holidays. The cabins were great although if they had a toaster, they would be better. We enjoyed the walking trails, the wildlife, the beauty of the old moss covered trees. Took lots of pictures. This is a great place for a family reunion.
October 25 beautiful by Joseph & April
We had a last minute camping trip this past weekend for my sons soccer tournament and were told about fountainebleau so we decided to go check it out. It was so nice and peaceful just to be out there in a tent the kids loved it and so did me and my wife. theres so much to do and see. If your into history and stories go to the visitor center and talk to Grey Hawk he is amazing and eager to help. The beach at sun set is amazing. and after sun down the deer come out everywhere its beautiful.We will definitely be back on a regular basis. We highly recommend this place anytime of the year.
October 19 First time camping by jaimeg
My familey had a great time camping with the Boy scouts pack 30 my son caught his first fish he will remember this for the rest of his life thank you Fountainebleau
October 4 Misses the chance for greatness. by ggmom
Brought my telescope with me thinking of dark skies. If the lights were shielded this place would be great, skys clear, too bright. On the week-ends, when the place is full of kids and parties they need to enforce the 10:00pm quiet time, or make it 11:00 pm. Very, very loud until 1:00 am.
September 2 EXCELLENT by Donald Jr
My family and friends went for the weekend my wife and friends daughter it was there birthday weekend for them and we had a great time beside the rain other than that the park was great it was a very long time since Iwas there as a kid . Everyone that works at the park was great very nice and helpful the Host was great and they remind me of my grand parents. It was a very enjoyable weekend , Can wait to go back.Nothing wrong with this State park on a scale 0 to 10 its a 100
August 1 Beautiful location by Randy
We stayed here on our way to Texas, and again a month later on our way back to Florida. Great campground, new bathrooms, and fantastic for biking or hiking. Sunsets on the lake will take your breath away.
August 1 Great Park by Jennifer
We have fun in the Park. We enjoy it.
August 1 Sure to return! by The Bickford Family
Went with my family and another couple, we brought 3 kids with us, and every single one of us had a blast! The staff was friendly, the facilities were well maintained and our neighboring campers were very respectful of the rules and showed great southern hospitality! The raccoons are smart little devils though, so watch out!
March 28 we enjoyed staying there
we stayed there for around 4 winters in 98 99 2001 03 very nice place friendly people and nice place to bike ride to town on the trace
February 7 So beautiful & So spiritual a place. by A Callegan
Our first visit to fontainbleau was so awesome.My wife & I love it.The Park is so clean. The Trails are peaceful & gorgeous.The Pier at dawn has to be experienced. A must see.
September 28 Beautiful Park by R Williams
The camp ground was a nice get away for my wife and me. We live within an hour of Fontainebleau but took our camper and stayed for the weekend. We fished, and caught a few blue crabs Fontainebleau was once the site of a sugar mill with some of the structure still standing with a small museum. Looking at the sites of days gone by was a treat. The gentlemen in the museum were very nice. One was making authentic arrow heads and another was making some type of wooden paddle using an old tool. The grounds have great old oak trees with plenty of room for all types of activities. Our whole experience was a great one and we will return again.
September 4 YES I DO by Gimena Valera
my husband and i got engaged there and after 6 months we got married there also. Now we have 2 kids and im preagnant and we go there every month.... I LVE IT!!
June 24 Nice clean beach. .
Nice clean beach , expect they need more trees near the beach for shade. The old beach house should be repaired because it is an old Landmark for the old and the young.
June 23 Where the Wild Things Are by Courtney
We found this park through www.reserveamerica.com. We choose it for the beautiful pictures of the place we saw and the fact it was far enough away yet close enough. With our clumsy kids I was thrilled to see a hospital on the other side of the road from the entrance of the park. While we were driving around their very confusing campground looking for our site we found 2 deer. It was amazing, only being there about 10min and already we were seeing wildlife. The rangers and other personnel were very nice and very helpful the time that we were there. The park was also very close to Lake Pontchartrain Causeway. 3.00 and a beautiful 20-30 min drive and your in New Orleans. That night when we returned from N.O. we discovered someone had ransacked our campground. Have no fear this someone was no one of the human variety. Raccoons had found the cook box and dug through it, stealing graham crackers and raisins. But they were well mannered raccoons, they wiped their lil paws on the roll of toilet paper we keep for just in cases and made sure to leave us some graham crackers and raisins. The next morning was not let down either. We were visited by many different types of birds drinking from our dripping faucet. As we broke down camp and rode around we saw many rabbits along the state park. We are in love with this park. It is so well kept. The thing that we will be coming back for and hopefully by the end of the summer is their cabins. I hope they are as beautiful and as well kept as the rest of the camp.
June 17 Cabins are fantastic! by Voss Family
We rented Cabin #2 and were really impressed. It was a wonderful, memorable time.
June 11 very nice park
cheap to get in ,very beautiful scenery, and a nice beach for louisiana standards
April 29 Our favorite park by Ed & Sue
This park is great nice beach comfortable camp sites ,very cleans and best o f all great camp hosts. Would recommend this park for a nice family camping experience. Also Gold card friendly.
April 28 Wish I had more time by slehman
This park was amazing, absolutely beautiful. My family and I spend last weekend there and we wish we would have had more time there. The staff was awesome, our site was awesome, the facilities where so clean. We walked the nature trail and my family really enjoyed it. The squirls came and enjoyed some hot peanuts with us then helped themselves when we walked inside. It was too cute. I do however have one warning, bring bug spray, bug bite relief, and or some Benadryl, we did spray ourselves throughout the day however there where these horrible nats that where biting. These nats where around campsite only not on the trail. We could not enjoy sitting around the camper for too long without having to get up and go in. We are still itching 3 days later.
April 17
i came to visit in feburary and iwas very impressed the was a gentalman show us around help us see the owl that you had and gave us alot of info and history.
April 12 Impressive
I was traveling cross country on my motorcyle. What an awesome park. Nice campground. And the jumbo shrimp I picked up at the farmers market and town. The best ever. See you on my return trip. John . Oregon
April 5 WOW by Hannah
I went with a friend and we loved it.There was a nice pool, many clean/big playgrounds, beach, marshes,trails,and more!We did all of these things in about half aday without rushing! we had a blast!
March 3 Wonderful Mardi Gras Camping Trip 2009 by jw
We went for the Mardi Gras Holiday in order to get away and relax. It was a wonderful stay! The rangers have my full praise and thanks! My daughter went missing for a bit and they were extremly helpful and their proceedures to help find her safely. Thanks so much!
January 13 Great Weekend Escape...close by
We stayed the weekend before Thanksgiving 2008. The facilities were fantastic. The first time I was comfortable using the public showers. The grounds were also beautiful. The kids loved fishing from the gazebo and my husband and I loved the boardwalk trails. Definetly will stay again.
August 25 Great Weekend Fun! by The Cupits 8/2008
Took the grandkids, had a great time. The kids enjoyed seeing the deer and racoons at night time. The cabin was very nice and clean. Plan to go back.
August 6 GREAT PARK by Bill Hawkins
Rates right at the top of my favorites and I have been to quite a few! Even though they have not finished rebuilding, it is outstanding. Imagine what it will be when rebuilding is complete. Great staff. Wi-fi is super.
August 6 Great now...getting better by pinetree
Katrina clobbered this area, but it is well on its way back. Level blacktop pull-throughs and back-ins. NOTE: Not all RV sites have electric and water. WiFi is great with at least 6 routers. Bathhouse and laundry were new and spotless.
July 14 Great Spot by Steph and bpys
We had a terrific time on a weekend camping trip. The beach was great and the kids had a great time.
May 27 Nice Cabins
The new cabins are great and really really nice. Other than the ranger bugging us every 20min( very annoying) we had a good time. I would recommend it to anyone
May 19 the remodeling is beautiful.... by Eyecandyprincess
the beach walk way, gazebo, and the cabins are remarkable improvements to this area...question though what are the plans around the gated circle behind the old pool house...a volleyball area or picnic area would be nice...
May 5 Good location.
We left for an hour to go to the grocery store and our cooler was stolen. Although it was empty, it was still a major inconvenience. Also, because my group was mainly college students (6 of us) we were targeted by the Park Rangers- they drove by about every fifteen minutes to keep an eye on us. We had a good time otherwise!
May 2 Need Better Signage by Morgan
The park is coming along (post Katrina) and will be a showcase in the future. I love the WIFI. Suggestions: 1. Signs at the 190/59 intersection directing campers to the park. 2. Sign for park on 190 for campers coming from Lacombe. 3. Note on the reservation web site that holders of Golden Age Passport can receive a discount. The reservation personnel who answer the phones should also ask if the caller holds a Golden Age Passport card. Campers are not aware that the Louisiana State Parks honor the card.
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Fontainebleau State Park
Fontainebleau State Park